Claim Jumper is a restaurant chain headquartered in California with 45 locations through out the western states. They are known for a large menu with a wide range of foods. The menu features a wide range of foods, including sandwiches, pizzas, and salads, but focuses mainly on meats such as steaks, and ribs. They have become well known for their signature desserts. Claim Jumper has licensed its name to frozen food producer American Pie, LLC to create a line of frozen dinners, which are sold in grocery stores.



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Eggs in a Basket

Claim Jumper Copycat Recipe

Serves 1

1 slice sourdough bread
1 tablespoon margarine or butter
1 egg
salt and pepper

Heat a nonstick skillet over medium heat, use one small biscuit cutter, or a small juice jar to press into the piece of sourdough bread. Twist slightly so the bread “cuts”, and then you can remove the cut out circle. Spread either margarine or butter on both sides of the bread, and place the bread into the pan.

If you want an over easy egg drop the broken egg into the circle after you have toasted the first side of the bread. If you want an over easy egg, drop the egg into the circle as soon as you put the bread into the pan. Cook for about a minute before flipping the bread over onto the other side. Cook until the egg is cooked at your desired level of doneness.

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